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“In Independent Luxury, Jonas Hoffmann and Laurent Lecamp tell luxury entrepreneurs how to prosper on their own, without being absorbed by one of the big luxury groups. No doubt, they will pay close attention to the authors’ message: “innovate or perish”. But Independent Luxury deserves a wider readership than that. It is a fascinating exploration of what innovation in luxury means, brimming with examples of producers of luxury that are trying to make it on their own. Anyone interested in the strange world of luxury goods will find enlightenment in this book. “

Brooke Unger, The Economist

“This book on luxury is totally different from others… It is a guide for those who think innovation is the key to understand luxury. And it is… the book is full of examples which take you on the road to discover… back to the roots.. and looking ahead… to understand how to manage innovation through code breakers and game changers… examples are fascinating from martin margiela to Tom ford or mucciada prada… and you will discover the mysterious Encelade 1789… or the forest of Knysna… so difficult to penetrate. With this book the reader will access to many strategies to promote innovation as an answer to the present crisis… and a precious tool to penetrate all markets and surprise the customers of the world.”

Christian BLANCKAERT, Former executive VP of Hermes international. Visiting professor ESCP -EUROPE.

“Independence and luxury, two cult notions in the universe of successful entrepreneurs and companies, which this book presents in a novel way. Its 1001 facets are explored with great clarity and diversity, taking a global outlook.”

Brice Lechevalier, Co-owner and director of worldtempus.com

“A rare look at the other end of the luxury telescope; the smaller brands who don’t hit the headlines but remain an important part of the ecosystem. Indeed in my view their success has never been more important, partly because their very lack of ubiquity makes them particularly well suited to growing effects of the Discernment Curve (the law of ever-increasing sophistication), as consumers look for something fresh, relevant and local but also often they are the true keepers of the flame in terms of quality and craftsmanship.”

Guy Salter, Deputy Chairman, Walpole British Luxury

“The luxury industry is reaching the limits of its efforts to capture the attention and purchasing power of a global audience. At the same time, niche and exclusive brands are promising to be the true purveyors of luxury in the eyes of the consumer, allowing them to sustain their business models in the long run. ‘Independent Luxury’ captures the zeitgeist at a moment when the global consumer is becoming more discerning with their expectations on what constitutes luxury. Hoffmann & Lecamp examine a wide range of independent luxury brands to offer a set of specific innovation strategies that is useful to any industry professional. They highlight a range of approaches that a new player in the industry can adopt to grow, sustain and succeed as an independent brand.”

Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion, Parsons The New School of Design

“We read many books in our lives- ones we like or dislike; ones we find interesting or boring; even ones from which we benefit a lot or nothing. However, every book actually plays the role of the Wing Chun wooden practice dummy for me:a loyal training mate who teaches me the art and key point of each move. As a member of the world horology, I also read a lot of books, concerning history, culture, craftsmanship and so on. But this book opened my mind, gave me more knowledge, techniques, and perspectives, so I am better equipped to deal with the world.”

Lei (Louise) Lei, Deputy Feature Director-Watch & Jewelry, Shanghai Morning Post

“I bet here’s almost everything you would like to know about the independent luxury. Complex facts and statistics are explained in simple words and conclusions are often unexpected. This worldwide analysis is definitely worth reading. Independent luxury brands, the endangered industry species, surely need to be studied and protected like the Knysna elephant. What elephant, you ask? Open the book!”

Alexander Vetrov, Armband Uhren Russia chief editor and Mercury buyer

“While an Army general usually reads Sun Tzu’s The Art of War as recipe for success, while a clever politician carefully reads Robert Reich’s The Work of Nations to manage his country’s competitiveness, and while a Human Resources Manager always keeps a copy of Abraham Maslow’s theory in his drawer, an independent entrepreneur in the luxury sector now has a similar flagship publication: Independent Luxury by Laurent and Jonas will in my view become the cornerstone of value creation in the luxury business in the future.
This book offers holistic content, from theory and toolboxes to success stories and a practical approach with the key example of Encelade 1789. The well described BA2RE approach is likely to become the equivalent of the BCG matrix for all entrepreneurs wishing to achieve success in luxury.
Readers will enjoy strong sector knowledge, an insiders’ view of the world of luxury, passionate writing and anecdotal evidence that courage, vision, execution are achievable for all bold entrepreneurs, providing they have the right toolbox.
I am convinced as investment professional that this book is a must read for CEOs wishing to keep growing and bring their companies to the next level. It is also a message of hope for those who might find themselves lost amidst prevailing major corporations: with the right approach and methodology, you can do it! Read this book and fasten seat belt, success is round the corner!”

Hervé Prettre, Senior Investment Advisor, Geneva, Switzerland

“The authors of Independent luxury: the four innovation strategies to endure in the consolidation jungle underline for their readers the importance that vision, authenticity and people should have for luxury brands – not only on the communication level but in the way to design their products and run their businesses. I agree with them and salute the hard work behind this reaching out to the industry to deliver a message. Their work both rings the alarm by expository a situation, and proposes innovation-oriented strategies to save part of what makes luxury such a special sector and keeps it alive and pulsating: the independents, who are facing heavy challenges as the consolidation movement continues.

What I find to be remarkable about this book is that it goes by what it advocates; going through it, I found a true testimony, a well argued manifesto, shedding light on a problem of utmost importance for the luxury sector and proposing solutions supported by relevant research and numbers. It is definitely not just a bright colorful cover. Indeed, it proposes the reader with serious content with high added value. It takes on a rigorous approach and gets to the bottom of each argument, and most definitely promotes innovation through innovation.

Having been involved in luxury for many years, I would undoubtedly recommend this insightful book not only to luxury professionals but to any individual with a certain business affinity or interest in consumption behaviors or even societal behaviors.”

Luc Pettavino, Founder and President of ONLY WATCH

“This book and its demonstration is inspiring in many dimensions, first because it an ode to the roots of capitalism, when economy was about entrepreneurship, innovation and sense of inherited know how. It is also interesting in the way it makes globalization issues match with very localized thinking, where small and medium companies can compete with bigger, while not loosing or even founding back their original and specific assets. Finally, it is inspiring in the sense that it also encompass the new digital economic model in luxury as a point of leverage, too often put in confrontation with a traditional vision on luxury world.”

Christophe Pradere, CEO BETC Design

“This book takes us back to the future. Independent companies could re-discover their core values adapting to the main factors of a fierce competition. It debates to what extent this special quality is an advantage to the roots of luxury.”

Alberto Milani, CEO Americas, Buccellati Inc.

“It’s a stroke of luck that Jonas Hoffmann understands about luxury while Laurent Lecamp understands about watchmaking and independent brands. A juxtaposition of skills that is far too rare, in particular when applied to such an unusual subject. As a result, their perspective is stimulating and their thoughts productive. All the more if you don’t agree with them…”

Gregory Pons, Independent Journalist, Founder businessmontres.com

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