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More than just a name: a vivid symbol, that of the last elephant on the brink of extinction,
putting an end to a line of free roaming bush elephants… forever.

But maybe not!

Recently traces of other elephants have been spotted in the Knysna forest, suggesting that the matriarch may not be the last in her line. A faint hope, of course, but hope nevertheless.

What if these elephants were still surviving in the forest? What if they were able to build up their herd? The dream is alive. Let’s hope it comes true.

As this book goes to print the world is still in the grip of one of the worst financial crises it has ever known. A crisis that is obviously hitting small businesses harder than larger organizations. This should not, however, be interpreted as a victory for the big over the small.

Opportunities exist. The fact that large groups are monopolizing more new brands is proof that the strength of luxury lies in innovative young talents. A more diverse ecosystem is a more resilient one and independent luxury companies play a central role here.

The examples of W Motors (luxury cars) or Encelade 1789 (luxury accessories), two new brands that this book considers in detail, testify that expertise and passion, combined with an innovative idea, can allow businesses to develop even in those domains that are deemed too competitive.

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