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BA2RE® luxury strategy approach

How to innovate?

A thorough analysis of these four innovation strategies uncovers a common pattern composed of five stages: the BA2RE® luxury strategy approach.

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It all starts with the creator/ entrepreneur worldview and purpose. Believing refers to the vision, the identity, the DNA of the company, its guiding values and aesthetics. This belief can evolve in the same way that living organisms evolve, but it has a certain stability. It is what enables energy and resources to be focused.


Innovative creators and entrepreneurs are constantly anticipating to grasp changes and act on them. They sense l’air du temps and are often the “right person, in the right place at the right time.” They combine analysis and feelings to draw forth intuition on what is next, often reaching out to a certain number of stakeholders such as artists, designers, cultural organizations and media experts that can nourish them and later on help to legitimize a breakthrough proposal.



Acting refers to crafting the offer for a certain group of clients. It is a world of strategic choices: What is the offer? Who are the clients? What are the resources, capabilities and processes necessary to construct, deliver and capture value? Here, for most luxury offers we are talking of niche markets.


Then comes the central moment of the encounter with the client. Reaching refers not only to winning clients, but transforming them into fans and advocates for the brand. How to reach first the hearts and then the minds of clients? The goal is to have a core of top influencers and clients to espouse the offer (and the message). This is a world where storytelling, distribution choices and experience take centre stage.


Enduring is the capacity to be more than a one-time hit or fad company. It is a process. It is necessary to constantly assess how the company is performing, and adjust if there are deviations – this is an endless learning journey. At the personal level it demands stamina, resilience and the capacity to generate luck.

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