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The world of luxury is harboring an endangered species: that of the independent companies! In an increasingly challenging and globalized luxury environment, companies are fighting to escape from the ever-growing clout of luxury “conglomerates” – Swatch Group, LVMH, Kering and Richemont. As of 2015, these “big four” own more than 100 brands and are maintaining a constant pace of acquisitions, relying on vertical integration to secure supplies (and deprive competitors of them), which has particularly insidious consequences for independents. Most independents are struggling to survive and end up being acquired or going out of business.

Interestingly, this same movement toward consolidation is rendering brands more and more uniform, thus creating opportunities for players able to craft unique offerings for niche luxury clientele. Innovation is the path to follow in this challenging journey.

This book presents four winning innovation strategies:

  • Back to the Roots
  • Code Breakers
  • Eagle in the Aquarium
  • Game Changers

and a novel approach, the BA2RE® luxury strategy approach, to guide entrepreneurs, creators, designers, managers and those who dare to challenge the status quo to become groundbreakers.

“Independent Luxury is a fascinating exploration of what innovation in luxury means,
brimming with examples of producers of luxury that are trying to make it on their own.
Anyone interested in the strange world of luxury goods will find enlightenment in this book.”
Brooke Unger, The Economist
“This book on luxury is totally different from others…It is a guide for those who think innovation is the key to understand luxury. And it is…”
Christian Blanckaert, Former Executive VP of Hermes International
“This book opened my mind, gave me more knowledge, techniques, and perspectives, so I am better equipped to deal with the world.”
Lei (Louise) Lei, Deputy Feature Director-Watch & Jewelry, Shanghai Morning Post
“A rare look at the other end of the luxury telescope”
Guy Salter, Deputy Chairman, Walpole British Luxury
“Independence and luxury, two cult notions (…) this book presents in a novel way.
Its 1001 facets are explored with great clarity and diversity, taking a global outlook.”
Brice Lechevalier, Co-owner and director of worldtempus.com

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